The Brand Bible by Bombay Collective: An Action Guide & Workbook to Turning a Business into an Epic Brand


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Having a business doesn't automatically mean you have a brand. What makes a brand is a systematic set of beliefs that your consumer has of your company. A brand has purpose, it connects emotionally with their audience and it’s why they would pick your brand over another every single time.

Creating a brand out of a business idea can be stressful especially if you’re confused where to start, how to start or don’t have as much detailed knowledge as such as you’d like. I am all for inspiration and Pinterest and aesthetics but I also believe you need a well grounded strategy, purpose planning and focused action steps in order to build a clear authentic brand.


Whether you’re building a new brand or rebuilding an existing one, the idea is to get deep, gain clarity, design and constantly refine the brand of your dreams. The Brand Bible by Bombay Collective is a practical guide with my signature tools, resources, a bonus workbook and not to forget the insider tips and insights that I've gained in my career and businesses so far. All to create and develop your dream brand.

People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic


Sound familiar?

1. You have hundreds of Pinterest boards for inspirations and tons of quick notes to put together an idea of what you wish your business would be like but no concrete strategy as to how to go about it.

2. Words like CMS, SEO, SEM, Adwords confuse you and send you in a panic mode

3. You’re ready to work with an agency for creative development such as brand identity, website development as part of your business but you would like to understand how things work so you're an informed brand owner.

4. Its overwhelming cause there’s much to do. What kind of a website to build. How to make the most of social media to fuel your business. What goes into taking a perfect picture for Instagram.

5. You’re a fresher as a brand manager/marketing executive/account planner and while not executing you manage areas of design, digital, development

5. You’re a marketing ninja but the digital world is new to you.

I can help!

1. Get you familiar with all the concepts in the design, digital, development space including technical aspects in a simplified manner.

2. Simple actionable practical steps on the strategy and planning of each aspect of your business. You'll explore concepts right from understanding your target audience, branding, what website platform is best for you to what kind of digital platform is best for your biz to get total brand clarity and aligning it with your vision

3. Private Facebook group to ask questions, share your work & get feedback from a supportive community of like minded people and myself.

4. 6 weekly live videos to go through course material together and answer some questions.

5. Translating your vision into your brand and share it with the rest of the world where it’ll grow and thrive.

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Is The Brand Bible by Bombay Collective for you?

The Brand Bible by Bombay Collective is broken down into five modules designed to transition you easily through building the base of your brand to marketing it online and help you attract your ideal clients and grow your business. The core modules are Brand Strategy, Website Design & Development, Marketing & Engagement - Digital, Design - Print & Digital and Content Production. It lays out the brand’s journey step by step so you can focus at one area at a time and build a focused cohesive brand.

This ebook is designed for people who like a no bullshit no filler focused crash course in the design, digital, development arena. While this wont turn you into a developer overnight, (that is one for another time) this book is meant for people who like to be informed business owners, creatives and managers who are in a strategic role and like to be involved in the process or aim to DIY it.
And once you finish this book if you do chose to become a developer you'd know where to get started.

If you're wondering if this ebook is meant for you, it is if you are:

1. Entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their business ideas into a brand and either looking to hire people full time or work with an agency towards the creative development side of their business

2. DIY Solopreneurs who'd like to do some of the creative development themselves and hire freelancers to do the rest.

3. Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Project Managers and Account Planners that may or may not be directly executing but manage and plan projects in these areas of design, digital and, development

4. Bloggers who are looking to build a brand that resonates with their target audience and want to understand how content product and the digital space works

5. Designers who want to understand details of brand strategy, digital marketing and development to better serve clients and come up with focused ideas when designing

6. Developer who want to understand details of brand strategy, digital marketing and designing to better serve clients and come up with focused ideas when developing


Module 1: Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the base of everything you do. We get deep into your business and help you gain clarity on your business. Define your businesses's the who you are, what you do, why you do, for whom you do, your vision and how to state a clear brand message. You define your targeted audience, their personas and how you create your offerings in order to cater to them and reach them. This stage also involves brand identity development basis your brand persona, message and target audience which is crucial in visually representing your brand.

The Confessions of a Brand Alchemist - Module 1 - Brand Strategy

Module 2: Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development goes way beyond than just looking pretty. It is a digital office or store for your business and as such is your salesman, marketing guy and manager all roll into one. In this module you'll learn better which is the best platforms to chose for your brand, the right way and strategy to design your website and it's pages, visual strategy to match your brand strategy and your brand identity, your website's content strategy, on site SEO for your website, CTAs, security protocols, analytics and more.

The Confessions of a Brand Alchemist - Module 2 - Development and Tech

Module 3: Marketing & Engagement - Digital

Marketing in the digital space is crucial for a business to thrive. There's no point in having an amazing website and a super branding if your clients can't find you. With the number of platforms that come up each day, it has become more important than ever to have a clear digital marketing strategy in place. In this module, we'll dive deeper into what are your digital marketing objective, what platforms work best for your brand, what are the different type of ads, what is influencer marketing, how to create the right content for your business, how to engage with your audience and more.

The Confessions of a Brand Alchemist - Module 3 - Digital Marketing & Engagement

Module 4: Design - Print & Digital

Design is meant to be more than just graphics put together. They involve a delicate balance between form and function, backed by insight and strategy to engage your audience at every stage. In this module you'll see what are the different design programs and what are they used for, differences between designing for print and digital, what is the best way to make use of your content, strategies to make engaging designs, what file formats to use while designing for digital and print, design for packaging and lots more

The Confessions of a Brand Alchemist - Module 4 - Design - Print & Digital

Module 5: Photography & Video Production

Branded content is super important when bringing your brand's vision to life. In this module, you'll explore and learn more about your brand story and photoshoot objective, inspiration, themes, mood boards, storyboard, customised backdrop and props, different types of photoshoots for different content and purposes such as website or social media, post production editing and more.


Ebook Only


1. Five extensive practical guide based modules

2. Bonus workbook to creating your own brand bible

3. Access to all ebook materials + any future updates of the ebook

Ebook + Facebook Community


1. Five extensive practical guide based modules

2. Bonus workbook to creating your own brand bible

3. Access to all ebook materials + any future updates of the ebook

4. Access to private Facebook group of like minded people and myself.

5. A supportive community to ask questions, share your work & get feedback

6. 6 weekly live videos live calls to go through the 5 modules together with me

All my prices are based in INR because I am based out of India. However sale of my ebook and membership in the community is open globally. To see what would be the investment in your native currency, you can use a currency converted in the link below. The conversions are close but not accurate. Final amount may depend on your bank's conversion rate.

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Im Dhriti, Founder & CEO at Bombay Collective and author of the The Brand Bible by Bombay Collective

Dhriti Jain, Founder, Bombay Collective. A Creative + Digital Studio in Mumbai.

I started the brand Bombay Collective with a passion to create design and digital solutions for other brands to establish themselves online. My vision was simple: To craft solutions that are more than aesthetics. Designs that solve problems and work on the philosophies of usability and accessibility.

Having done Masters in Commerce & Management, and working couple years in corporate companies as well as agencies, I've got to work with some great brands such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, T Bhimjyani, FC Goa, Mahindra Lifespaces, Kyoorius and more.

Although I love working with clients on a personal one on one basis, I also know that there a lot of people who like to DIY as well as the Solopreneurs that are just starting out to get their brand out there and can't necessarily invest into something entirely custom. I also know entrepreneurs that are amazing at their business side of things but the design, digital, development space leaves them confused which is why I wrote this ebook. My mission is to empower as many people that are starting out with their own businesses or are in jobs and need to build and sustain a brand.


+ What format are the lessons available in?

The lessons are a combination of images & text. Most lessons provide ample examples to understand the concepts. Audiobooks will come out soon

+ When do the lessons start and finish?

You'll have access to the ebook and all it's updates as you purchase, until forever! It’s a guide and as such is completely self-paced which means you can decide when you want to start and how long it takes you to finish. The Facebook live course will be spread out over a period of six weeks. Incase you'd like to take it slower or don't have enough time, all the live call recordings will be available at all times in the group.

+ What goes on during the live calls?

Live calls happen once a week. You can ask me questions you have about the lesson from the module of the week. You will also get the chance to get any feedback you'd like on what you've done in the past week.

+ What if I miss a live call?

Recordings for all live calls will be available to watch on the group. Any questions you may have for the call you've missed, can be asked on the same call thread and I'll try my best to answer them.

+ What’s the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this particular training, there are no refunds.

+ Is this process digital or by hand?

Because everyone has a different preferences for how they like to learn ad implement, I’ve designed the workbook in a way where you can either do it digitally on the editable PDF itself or a digital journal or by hand by printing the workbook or maintaining a diary.

+ I’m at the very initial stages of my brand/business. Is this course still right for me?

Absolutely! In fact if you're just starting off, this ebook will provide everything you need to know in order to turn your business into a brand. And since our first Module starts at Brand Strategy, this ebook is great for you if you're at the very beginning of your brand journey.

+ Do I need any other tools or resources while going through the ebook and workbook?

It's great to have access to the social media platforms of your choice, a design tool such as photoshop, illustrator if you have the proficiency. Alternatively you can use Canva and a notebook and sketch pens too.

+ I have no interest in executing the design, digital and development aspect of my business and will be hiring someone else to do so. Is this ebook still applicable/of worth to me?

Yes, absolutely! Since this course doesn’t teach through the actual execution and is more focused on strategy and planning, it's great material for you even if you're looking at hiring someone. The ebook will prepare you to understand what actually goes on through the process, what to expect, help you with better feedback and will help you to communicate better and clearly with whomever you choose to work with.

+ What if I have further questions?

If you've chosen to be a part of our community, you can ask questions and get suggestions within the group itself by me and your fellow members.

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