Orange Smart City is a revolutionary greenfield development, in close proximity to India’s financial capital, Mumbai. It is envisaged to be a city of the future with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, heralding a new era of technology. Everything in the city will be ICT-enabled with real time interactions and updates. The core values of Orange Smart City lie in the belief that a powerful synergy between planet, profit and planet will ensure harmonious co-existence.


  • To design and develop a website for the upcoming Smart City

A minimal informative website was created for the first phase of the Smart City. Since the city is still under construction, we made use of a lot of icons and reference images to represent what the project is all about. We decided to represent the different aspects of the city – Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Environmental and every feature via The Orange Life. The content was driven by icons and short pieces of copy to keep it sharp and to the point. Orange Smart City’s core feature is excellent connectivity. An interactive map page was created for the same where a click reflected the connectivity on the map.

Designs for the website as follows:

The project was strategised and executed by Dhriti Jain as a part of Skarma’s Project Management and Strategy Team. Skarma owns copyrights to the project and the same is listed post taking their permission.