O range Smart City is a revolutionary greenfield development, in close proximity to India’s financial capital, Mumbai. It is envisaged to be a city of the future with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, heralding a new era of technology. Everything in the city will be ICT-enabled with real time interactions and updates. The core values of Orange Smart City lie in the belief that a powerful synergy between people, planet and profit will ensure harmonious co-existence.

To design the brand identity for the Smart City


  • To design the brand identity that embodies the progressive vision of synergy between people planet and profit.
  • To achieve balance between a futuristic design and have a recall value at the same time.
  • We created the individual elements of the logo symbol consisting of the letter O S and C in a way that each element fuses harmoniously with the others to form a coherent symbol reiterating the theme of synergy. As the name suggests, we opted for orange as the primary colour and green as the secondary colour. The logo symbol combining its initial letters forms a monogram within a geometric structure that gives it a modern vibe.

The project was strategised and executed by Dhriti Jain as a part of Skarma’s Project Management and Strategy Team. Skarma owns copyrights to the project and the same is listed post taking their permission.