Boveda Bistro is a restaurant and lounge that mesmerises you with its rustic interiors, Euro-American Cuisine and an interesting mix of cocktails both new world and classic – beers, wines, spirits.


Food Menu

  • From a flip based menu to a card based menu.
  • Introduce the concept of ‘Rotating Mains’

Bar Menu:

  • Redesign the menu to include their new range of cocktails – Boveda Concoction.


  • Keeping in mind the bar’s brand identity and rustic vibe, we decided to adopt a similar design route and colour palette for the menu.
  • For ‘Rotating Mains’ concept, we crafted a two sided menu. At backside of the menu, a special detachable placard area was designed to add rotating food items each week or month without having to change the menu design each time.
  • For the bar menu, we decided to introduce new design elements that would represent different alcohol options creatively. We also decided to use the glasses in which they are usually served at the bar and how different alcohol options came together to form Boveda Concoction.

The project was strategised and executed by Dhriti Jain as a part of Skarma’s Project Management and Strategy Team. Skarma owns copyrights to the project and the same is listed post taking their permission.