Named after the world’s finest entrepreneur, Estée Lauder is one of the world’s leading luxury brand of the most innovative and high performance quality skin care, makeup, and iconic fragrances, all infused with a deep understanding of women’s needs and desires.

Today, Estée Lauder engages with women in over 150 countries around the world and at a variety of touch points, in stores and online. Each of these relationships consistently reflect Estée’s powerful and authentic woman-to-woman point of view.

The brand currently owns 13 stores across India in leading malls and outlets.

The client brief entailed coming up with strategies and ideas towards achieving their objectives as below:

  • To raise brand awareness through digital mediums for the fragrances, makeup and skincare range of products
  • To shift the perception of Estée Lauder as a mature brand for older women to a younger audience – the millennials
  • To shift the perception of Estée Lauder as primarily a skincare brand to a skincare + makeup brand
  • To promote any new product launched by the brand
  • To drive online traffic to stores


In order to deal with 2 most important objectives as above, along with the daily social media engagement, we decided to conduct an expression led campaign for Estée Lauder India called #BornFromColor. The entire focus was on their makeup range and how makeup can brighten up and form a memory in someone’s life. This campaign served multiple objectives – The first being dispelling perceptions about the brand being skincare only, and the second being a propeller that entices a younger audience.

The Inspiration
We drew our inspiration from an ambitious woman who decided to forge her path into the realms of the beauty world using her unique and aspirational personality. Estée Lauder did not just start a company, she created history in a revolutionary way that resonates with every woman even today. Her take on beauty was so impactful and her words so powerful, that they brought out the colour in the lives of millions of women in the world.

The Concept
From the yesteryears to the modern age, iconic women associated with the brand have each left their unparalleled legacy behind, in more ways than one. We aim to take those metaphorical milestones and marks set in history, to continue this legacy into the digital age.

#BornFromColor is a campaign that amalgamates the literal elements of makeup marks and the sentimental mark they leave on a woman’s life. Makeup such as lipstick is known to adorn the lips of women and add a dash of colour to their lives. They wear it when they’re going out, they wear it to feel confident and they wear it to compliment various moments in their lives. This campaign highlights the many shades and hues of makeup and how they’ve formed a vital part of a woman’s world.

The Idea
We take the concept of makeup in everyday moments one step further by creating a digital platform for self-expression. This is a medium through which women can personally leave their own individual mark across various digital platforms.
The campaign was executed through the following mediums:

  • Digital Mediums: Featured Landing Page on Estée Lauder India’s website and Facebook.
  • Other Mediums: We planned to not restrict the campaign to just a digital platform, but to extend it beyond that through In-store Activations, so it would reach a variety of women across different demographics across India.

Featured Landing Page
A. The Memory Pinboard

  • On The Memory Pinboard page, we asked the user to upload a picture onto a pre-set polaroid, where colour had inspired them in the form of makeup at a special moment in their lives and made them feel confident or happy. They were also asked to leave a personalised message of that special moment, with the help of multiple pre-set, stylised applicators, to mimic the strokes of a kohl pencil, lipstick or a nail paint brush.
  • On completion, the user was presented with two options – To save the image locally on their computer or to share it on their Facebook Page. The Polaroid had pre generated hashtags – #BornFromColor & #EstéeLauderIN.

B. The Memory Pinboard Gallery

  • The gallery page was meant to showcase the best entries that were posted through the Featured Landing Page by participants. On clicking any of the entry, a light box would open up with the entry.

C. About #BornFromColor

  • We dedicated a special page that would speak about the campaign and our inspiration behind the campaign in detail.
  • Once on the page, the visitor also had the option of visiting The Memory Pinboard to post an entry or the Gallery to view entries.


  • As a means of gratification, few entries would be given complimentary Estée Lauder products. These entries would be announced via Facebook and the Featured Landing Page.

Digital Gratification

  • The personalised image created by the user using Estée Lauder’s products, which the user can share on any platform they choose, is a main part of the digital gratification.
  • Few best entries would be posted in the gallery section of the #BornFromColor Featured Landing Page.

Facebook as a social platform was used for several objectives:

  • To reach out to existing as well as new audience in order create awareness and buzz for the campaign
  • To engage and encourage audience to participate in the campaign
  • To redirect the audience to the Featured Landing Page to participate in the campaign
  • To share #BornFromColor stories and entries posted on the Featured Landing Page by the participants

The project was strategised and executed by Dhriti Jain as a part of Skarma’s Project Management and Strategy Team. Skarma owns copyrights to the project and the same is listed post taking their permission.